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Şiir Denemelerim
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Lisani Otag

passionately interested in photography. I applied the technics of shots and prints both. For years, I applied my studies by the classical methods in the room as you all know dark room. By applying the two periods of technical evolution. This had become a great experience and a knowledge for me. Digital, in other words, the technology of computer, I almost use all the techniques of photography. By saying digital, although I sometimes have surrealist studies. The weekends, holidays, my journeys, these are all opportunities for me. I can not understand how the time passes as I am doing it willingly. So that, after I started working with the photography, a new light has entered into my life. Now, I see objects and events from different point of view. I discovered brand new life around my circle. This is an occupation which cannot be described. To be successful in photography, you have got to have enough patience. You have to be a good observant. The seconds of one out of ten, one percent or one out of thousand these short moments, you take little crosscut from life and you have to know when and from which angel to look at. Because photograph; is a place on the paper where the light and time meet and stop forever. This is the best description of photograph for me. As one famous artists says; if the artists plugs something from nature, that doesn't belong to the nature.